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El Metro is glad to announce March 18, 2018 as the Transit Bus Driver Appreciation Day (#tdad) inviting the public to join in celebrating the dedication and hard work of our El Metro and El Lift Bus Drivers. This year the official date falls on a Sunday so we will be celebrating this coming Monday March 19, 2018 at the Laredo Transit Center located at 1301 Farragut St.

“Transit Bus Drivers don’t have an easy job — they just make it look that way”

said Claudia San Miguel El Metro’s General Manager. For hours on end, Bus Drivers manages to keep a schedule, check fares, give directions, announce stops, assists passengers with special needs and more. All while maneuvering an extra-large vehicle through unpredictable traffic, around tight corners, and through all kind of weather. Needless to say Bus Drivers deserve our thanks and praising for a job-well done for the thousands of visitors and residents of the City of Laredo that day after day take advantage of El Metro services.

This March the 19th. Please join us in showing your appreciation to Laredo’s finest El Metro and El Lift Transit Bus Drivers. Recognizing your Bus Driver could be as simple as a smile and a wave as you’re boarding and a hearty “Thank You” when you exit the Bus. And please feel free to call our Customer Service Office to commend a job well done, so your drivers can be formally recognized for their efforts. “Our drivers are dedicated to what they do, and they deserve heartfelt thanks” added Claudia San Miguel.

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