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Bus Safety Tips

More than 18,000 people use our services to get where they’re going each day. At El Metro we’re always striving to provide a safer, more efficient service. But our job doesn’t stop there. To help further ensure the safety of all our customers, El Metro would like to remind you of these valuable bus safety tips.

  • Don’t wait for a bus in or near the street; stay safe on the sidewalk.
  • Always enter the bus through the front doors.
  • Never stand in the stairwell or in front of the yellow line near the driver.
  • Don’t stand near the doors while the bus is moving.
  • Avoid conversation with the operator while the bus is in motion.
  • Stay seated while the bus is in motion unless you are holding on to a handrail.
  • Never cross in front of or behind a bus. Driver cannot see you.

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