El Metro Paratransit Service Announces New Scheduling Software, El Lift Customer Web Portal

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El Metro Paratransit Service Announces New Scheduling Software, El Lift Customer Web Portal

(Laredo, TX March 10, 2017) El Metro provides complementary public transportation for people with disabilities who are unable to use el Metro’s fixed route buses thru its Paratransit Services – El Lift; this service provides shared, curb-to-curb public transportation for eligible passengers. In an effort to streamline the transportation service scheduling process El Lift will implement a scheduling software (RouteMatch) that will be available on our website elmetrotransit.com.

This online service-booking software enables El Lift passengers to plan their public transportation needs in a more expedited manner and reducing the risk for booking errors when doing appointments over the phone. El Metro strives to provide safe and reliable service for our passengers and this technology will enable us to provide outstanding paratransit services” said Claudia San Miguel, El Metro’s General Manager. Over the past weeks, El Metro Administration has been preparing to launch the new customer web portal as well as training staff members on how to effectively use the new software. The El Lift Web Portal will be available to all El Lift clients and the community as a whole, beginning March 13, 2017.

Scope of Work and Product Details for Customer Web Portal

RouteMatch Software provides El Metro with the RouteMatch Customer Web Portal. The RouteMatch Customer Web Portal allows authorized, new and existing customers to access a secure online portal making it more convenient for riders to book and manage their rides. The portal lets riders register, make, confirm, or cancel reservations over the internet via an intuitive browser-based interface. This allows our agency to capture all of the necessary rider information and parameters. Once trip requests are submitted via the web portal, schedulers are immediately notified of the pending request and have the ability to approve, deny or modify trips to match business rules. The RouteMatch Customer Web Portal is fully integrated into RouteMatch scheduling and dispatching technologies so bookings and cancellations are automatically communicated to and changes can be optimized and assigned to schedules. Additionally, agency parameters with ADA, Call Centre hours, can be configured in the portal so they match if needed the agency business rules.

Key Features for New Customer Web Portal

  • Register Online
  • Push out online applications
  • Update Personal and account Preferences
  • Cancel and Confirm Current and Future Transportation Request
  • Reserve and Request Transportation
  • Receive agency, trip, or notifications via your personal portal
  • Receive “where’s my ride” and estimated time of arrival information
  • Check Account Status and History
  • Online Scheduling Support
  • Fully Integrates into your Real Time RouteMatch Mobile Data System
  • Fully Integrates into your RouteMatch Reservation and Self Service Centre
  • Customizable to integrate into your Existing Online Web Presence and Site

The El Lift department foresees immediate benefits for all passengers with the implementation of the new software; customers are encouraged to try the online tool to schedule their future transportation needs.

For more information, please contact El Metro’s Lift Department at 956-795-2290.

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