Free Bus Rides All Day to H-E-B’s “Feast of Sharing”

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Free Bus Rides All Day to H-E-B’s “Feast of Sharing”

On Saturday, November 4, El Metro will provide Bus Service to the H-E-B’s 29th Anniversary Thanksgiving “Feast of Sharing” event to be held at the Laredo Energy Arena; Bus Route 11 Gustavus / LEA will drop off and pick up passengers right by the arena. The partnership between El Metro and H-E-B will allow residents and visitors to attend the event free of charge.

“El Metro is more than honored to be part of this special event that celebrates family traditions,”

said Claudia San Miguel, General Manager.

“Every year El Metro provides an opportunity for passengers to attend the Feast of Sharing event by using the bus for free to enjoy a great Thanksgiving meal”

. El Metro encourages public in general to take advantage of the free fare service to try public transportation.

The “Feast of Sharing” event is scheduled for this weekend on November 4, 2017 at the Laredo Energy Arena (LEA) from 11am – 3pm. El Metro’s designated route to the ‘Feast of Sharing” event is Route 11- Gustavus / LEA where a Bus Stop will be located right behind the arena for easy access to the venue.

Pick up and drop off areas will be located at the El Metro bus stop on Sinatra St. Additional buses will service route 11 for faster arrival and departure to the LEA. Bus services to the event location as sponsored by HEB will be free to the public all day.

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