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Letter to El Lift Customers

El Metro and El Lift continue to provide full route and El Lift service for ESSENTIAL TRIPS. We realize that public
transportation is a necessity for many in our community every day and perhaps especially during this crisis;
including those whose work is essential during this emergency, or may rely on transit as their means of
transportation to work, medical care, food distribution sites, critical service centers, or other necessary trips.
Riders should only make essential trips during this time and observe the City of Laredo’s Emergency Order to help
slow the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and practice physical distancing aboard our buses and vans.
Below, please find a summary of actions taken by El Metro to help slow the spread of coronavirus.
ENHANCED BUS AND VAN SANITATION. Our Maintenance and Operations crew are placing great emphasis in
providing a safe and clean environment for travel. Enhanced cleaning is being conducted for buses, vans and

BUS AND VAN VENTILATION. In an effort to provided added ventilation, all El Metro & El Lift vans are running with
the windows open. Be mindful that under bad weather conditions that include rain, bus and van services will be
momentarily stopped.

SKIP A SEAT. Seats are marked with a sign to help create a safer distance for passengers and operators.

NO FARES NEEDED. No fares are been collected through April 30 by neither El Metro nor El Lift. Customers don’t
have to stop or touch the fare box or crowd the door when boarding. After boarding, passengers should quickly and
safely take an available seat.

While no local coronavirus cases have been linked to public transit use, El Metro and El Lift are asking passengers
and riders to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local City of Laredo Emergency
Orders. This includes the mandatory use of face coverings while out in public, including while using public transit.

We strive to provide safe mobility for all our residents. El Metro will continue to provide “essential” public
transportation service in accordance with the City of Laredo Emergency Mayoral Ordinance, the Governor’s Order,
and CDC recommendations. Therefore, El Metro recommends planning only essential trips accordingly and
refer to the City of Laredo Emergency Mayoral Ordinance.

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