El Metro Enforces Federal Face Mask Order

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El Metro Enforces Federal Face Mask Order

Similar to most other cities around the nation during these challenging times Public Transportation services provided by El Metro and El Lift continue to be a lifeline for the transit-dependent population in the City Of Laredo. The pandemic put a spotlight on the importance of local and rural transit systems in keeping communities working, moving, responding, and connecting with their work, study, medical or leisure destinations. It is during these unprecedented times that El Metro remains vigilant of all safety protocols to further protect our community. Transportation to and from the City of Laredo COVID-19 Vaccine sites for Elderly and Disabled passengers can be provided by calling our El Lift offices at 956-795-2280 to register and to schedule transportation free of charge as approved by City Council.

El Metro has held firm on all City of Laredo Orders and CDC recommendations by consistently requiring riders to wear a face coving when riding Buses and EL Lift Vans and or while awaiting their time to board the bus at the Transit Center. The CDC’s new issued order late on January 29, 2021, requiring the public to wear facemasks while riding public transportation has now placed a more affirmative tone nationwide. This order also is more defined more thoroughly that a mask should cover nose and mouth and excluded wearing face shields only.
Effective at 11:59 p.m. on February 1st, CDC mask order went into effect and El Metro has adopted this new order to further provide to the local transit-dependent population reliable and safe transportation to their destination. El Metro supports and enforces current orders to prevent the spread of the novel virus and will continue to enforce the new CDC guidance requiring facemasks on public transportation. Providing safe transportation is El Metro and El Lift’s overriding priority.

El Metro and El Lift Operators will now:

  • Continue to require for all passengers to properly wear a face covering.
  • Instruct persons that Federal Law requires wearing a mask on transit vehicles.
  • Monitor passengers during the duration of the trip.

Transit Center personal will:

  • Continue to require for all visitors to properly wear a face mask
  • Instruct persons that federal law requires wearing a mask on transit vehicles and bus boarding areas in the Transit Center.
  • Monitor persons on the premises of El Metro facilities and vehicles

During these unprecedented times El Metro’s administration reminds the community of our reduced fare programs, reduced off-peak fare for elderly and disabled individuals, and the most recent Multi-Ride Bus Passes where riders can enjoy unlimited rides for a day by purchasing a $6.00 Daily Pass; concurrently weekly and monthly passes are offered at the Transit Center located at 1301 Farragut Street. El Metro has not stopped providing neither regular nor El Lift services during the ongoing pandemic and for that “We appreciate and thank every El Metro employee that unselfishness reports to work to provide needed transportation for other essential workers and the city’s transit dependent population” said Claudia San Miguel, El Metro’s General Manager.

El Lift (paratransit) complementary services for eligible Elderly and Disabled residents in need of transportation are running concurrent with the regular bus hours of service; said service operates under the brand name of El Lift whereas eligible participants can receive curb to curb services. “Our commitment is to provide safe and reliable mobility for our most vulnerable residents” said San Miguel; family members are encouraged to assist their elderly and disabled loved ones to apply for El Lift service or to contact El Lift for guidance and information. Eligibility requirements and guidelines can be found on EL Metro’s website. Additional details of all reduced fare programs, student pass program, and the Multi-Ride Bus Passes may be found at elmetrotransit.com or by calling (956) 795-2288.

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